Who is the Best Hindi Blogs 2021 in India

This List Of “Who is the Best Hindi Blogs 2021 in India” Has Been Selected based on Quality Content. This Is Hindi Blog Directory Has Top Hindi Blogs In India.

Top Hindi Blog and Blogger in India List 2021

Who is the Best Hindi Blogs 2021 in India

In today’s writing of my blog, we will give you the best Hindi blogs in the Hindi Blog Directory, which have been successful in making a place in the minds of readers by writing well in the Hindi blogosphere at their level. The list of those Hindi Blogs is going to be shared with you.

Do you want to know which do the Best Hindi Blogs of India, then you have got to the correct article. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about the famous Hindi blogs based on different categories in India.

Most of the people in India speak and understand Hindi and there are many popular Hindi blogs on the internet for Hindi readers who share valuable and beneficial articles for readers in their blog posts every day.

Why is the blog of the Hindi world in this Best Hindi Blogs list?

Talking of Best Hindi Blogs from the blog website of Hindi world. that will be difficult to choose which blog should be kept in one list of Best Hindi Blog and which one is not, but still, those who give useful also accurate information for their occurrences and readers. We have kept the famous best blog on our list.

There are many new blogs in Hindi that write great articles and provide good information to Hindi readers, which is not on the list of our Best Hindi Blogs website, the reason being that all those blogs are still new and not as stable. So that it can come in the list of top Hindi blogs. But if those bloggers continue to work in the same way, then surely the name of their blog will also be on the list of Best Hindi Blogs. Most of the bloggers on our list are experienced bloggers.

So let’s know about India’s best Hindi blog without any delay, putting an end to all your doubts –

Best Hindi Blogs

List of Best Hindi Blogs We have made category wise so that you can easily find the best Hindi blogs related to the category of your choice.

Best Hindi Tech Blogs 

Most of the Tech Category in India is based on Hindi Blogs, so we have kept some blogs in this category. The information given in all these blogs is complete, the user does not need to go to another article for the same information, so let’s know.

Tech Best Hindi Blog

#1 Hindi Blogger

The founder of the HindiBlogger.Com website is Rahul Yadav. Rahul Ji took his first step in the blogging industry in the year 2015 and then after seeing many ups and downs, he finally got success. In today’s time, Rahul Ji is the owner of many websites and some of them are as follows – Rahuldigital.ORG, Rasbhari.Com, etc.

  • Founder – Rahul Yadav
  • Category – Technology
  • Establishment Year – 2015

He has worked with full passion in the field of blogging. Rahul Ji understands the power of blogging very well and perhaps that is why today he is making a good income sitting at home.

#2 – Hindi Me

Whenever you would be searching for any information related to technology in Hindi on Google, then you would often see this blog at number one. Hindime.Net is a very popular Hindi blog whose founder is Chandan Sahu. He created this blog in 2016. In this blog, you get to read articles on technical, computer, blogging, how to earn money, etc.

  • Founder – Chandan Sahu
  • Category – Technology
  • Establishment Year – 2016

#3 – Techyukti

Techyukt Blog was created by India’s popular Youtuber Satish Kushwaha in 2016. Techyukt is a blog based on technology in which you get information about TechTips, YouTube Tips, Android, Blogging, Make Money, etc.

  • Founder – Satish Kushwaha
  • Category – Technology
  • Establishment Year – 2016

#4 – Newsmeto

The founder of the Newsmeto blog is HP Jhinjolia. He created this blog in 2017. He shares information about blogging, WordPress, SEO, the internet, applications, etc. on his blog.

  • Founder – HP Jhinjolia
  • Category – Technology
  • Establishment Year – 2017

#5 – Hindi Help

In the Hindi help blog, you get to read many articles related to technology. The editorial team of Hindi Sahayata brings you the best articles for Hindi readers.

  • Category – Technology
  • Establishment Year – 2016

#6 – Catch How

Catch how the blog is of popular Youtuber Manoj Sharu, he created this blog in 2016. In his blog, he writes articles related to How To, Technology, Education, etc.

  • Founder – Manoj Sharu
  • Category – Technology
  • Establishment Year – 2016

#7 – Gadgets360

Gadget360 Blog is NDTV’s blog which is running since 2005. This blog is also in Hindi in which there are many articles related to gadgets for Hindi readers. In this blog, you will get information about which mobile is right for you, which application is right, recharge plan, etc.

  • Founder – NDTV
  • Category – Technology
  • Establishment Year – 2005

#8 – TechShole

Techshole is also a technology-related blog in which you are given accurate information about Blogging, SEO, Make Money, Applications, Tech Tips, Computer, Coding, etc. The founder of this blog is Ranjit Singh Ji who hails from Madhya Pradesh. We created this blog in 2019.

  • Founder – Ranjit Singh
  • Category – Technology
  • Establishment Year – 2019 (December)

#9 WpHindiGuide

The founder of the WpHindiGuide blog is Antesh Singh, who publishes articles on his Hindi blog on topics like Blogging, SEO, Tech, Make Money, etc. The reason his blog is included in the list of Best Hindi Blogs is that he is a successful blogger.

  • Founder – Antesh Singh
  • Category – Technology
  • Establishment Year – 2018

Top Computer Hindi Blog

You all must know how important computer is in today’s time and you have to pay a lot of money in an offline computer coaching class to learn computer. But you can also learn computer online that too in your language Hindi. There are many such Hindi blogs where you get computer information, but out of all of them, we have included the best Hindi blog in the computer category in our list.

  • My Bigguide
  • Tutorialpandit
  • Computer Hindi Notes

#1 – My Big Guide

The founder of Mybigguide blog is Abhimanyu Bhardwaj, who is a famous Hindi blogger. He created the Mybigguide blog in 2014. You get to read articles related to computer courses, computer hardware – software information, and technology in this blog.

  • Founder – Abhimanyu Bhardwaj
  • Category – Computers
  • Establishment Year – 2014

#2 – Tutorial Pundit

Tutorialpandit is a very good web portal for computer learning, on this, you will find many computer courses, along with this you will also get blogging, WordPress tutorials in this blog. There is a fate to learn in this blog. The founder of Tutorialpandit is GP Gautam Ji, he created this blog in 2016.

  • Founder – GP Gautam
  • Category – Computers
  • Establishment Year – 2016

#3 – Computer Hindi Notes

On the Computer Hindi Notes website, you will get to read notes of various subjects of computers in the Hindi language. This is the best Hindi blog based on computers. Ashish Vishwakarma is the founder of this blog and he created this blog in 2016.

  • Founder – Ashish Vishwakarma
  • Category – Computers
  • Establishment Year – 2016

Best Blogging & SEO Hindi Blog (Best Hindi Blogs in Blogging Category)
Blogging SEO Related Best Hindi Blogs in Hindi There are many such where you are given information about blogging and SEO. Out of all those blogs, we have ranked the following blogs in our list, which have raised their wings in the field of Hindi blogging and have helped people.

List of Best Hindi Blogs in Blogging Category

  • Shoutmehindi
  • Supportmeindia
  • Hindimehelp
  • Inhindihelp
  • Blogging Hindi

#1 – Shoutmehindi

Harsh Agarwal is the founder of the Shoutmehindi blog. His role in promoting blogging in India is very important. Harsh Agarwal Ji is a very well-known blogger. Through the Shoutmehindi blog, he has informed Hindi readers about blogging and earning money online. If you want to learn to blog then this blog will be the best for you.

  • Founder – Harsh Agarwal
  • Category – Blogging SCO
  • Establishment Year – 2015

#2 – Supportmeindia

The founder of the Supportmeindia blog is Jumedin Khan, he created this blog in 2015. With the help of this blog, he shares information related to blogging, earning money online, etc. for Hindi readers.

  • Founder – Jumedin Khan
  • Category – Blogging SCO
  • Establishment Year – 2015

#3 – Hindimehelp

Rohit Mewada is the founder of Help Blog in Hindi, he has written in detail about useful articles like blogging, SEO, earning money online in his blog for Hindi readers. His contribution to the Hindi blogging world is priceless.

  • Founder – Rohit Mewada
  • Category – Blogging SCO
  • Establishment Year – 2015

#4 – Inhindihelp

The founder of the Indihelp blog is Aman Kumar Singh, he started this blog in 2016. In this blog, you have been told in detail about WordPress Blog, and SEO. The articles written by Aman Kumar ji are liked by the Hindi readers very much.

  • Founder – Aman Kumar Singh
  • Category – Blogging SCO
  • Establishment Year – 2016

#5 – Blogginghindi

Arshad Noor is the founder of Blogging Hindi. Through his blog, he shares information related to Blogging, WordPress, SEO, and the Internet for Hindi readers. He created this blog in 2016.

  • Founder – Arsad Noor
  • Category – Blogging SCO
  • Establishment Year – 2016

#6 – Oflox

Oflox is the best digital marketing company and a good blog in Selaki, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. Which was founded by Mr. Rahman on 05/12/2016.

  • Founder – Mr. Rahman
  • Category – Blogging & Digital Marketing
  • Establishment Year – 5 December 2016

For your information, let us tell you that Oflox Digital Marketing Blog has given a place to us (fdtv.in) in its Top Hindi Blogger In India article.

Best Literature Hindi Blog

The blogs which have got a place in the Hindi literature blog are all popular blogs and all the blogs have got a good reputation in the field of literature. Here is the Hindi literature blog.

  • Hindikunj
  • Hindisahitya
  • Geeta-Kavita
  • Kavitakosh

#1 – Hindi Kunj

The founder of Hindi Kunj is Shri Ashutosh Dubey, who is from Kolkata. In this blog, you will get a huge corpus of poems, and also in this blog, you will get to know about biography, Hindi essay, and informative books of great people. Hindi Kunj is one of the best Hindi literature blogs. Ashutosh Ji founded this blog in 2009.

  • Founder – Ashutosh Dubey
  • Category – Literature
  • Establishment year – 2007

#2 – Hindi Literature

Hindi Sahitya Blog is a museum of Hindi literature. In this blog, you will get to know about Hindi literature, literary awards, creators. The founder of the Hindi literature blog is Arun Kumar Tiwari. He created this blog in 2011. If you also write poems by yourself, then you can publish on this blog.

  • Founder – Arun Kumar Tiwari
  • Category – Literature
  • Establishment Year – 2011

#3 – Kavita Kosh

Kavita Kosh is a great Hindi literature blog, in addition to the Hindi language, poems are written in this blog in other popular languages ​​of India. Along with this, this blog also publishes E-Book. Lalit Kumar is the founder of the Kavita Kosh blog and he created this blog in 2006.

  • Founder – Lalit Kumar
  • Category – Literature, Poems
  • Establishment Year – 2006

#4 – Geeta – Poetry

Gita – In the poetry blog, you were explained the Hindu scripture Gita in very easy words. And at the same time, there is also a huge store of poems in this blog. The founder of Gita-Kavita is Rajiv Krishna Saxena, who is a professor by profession. He created this blog in 2005.

  • Founder – Rajeev Krishna Saxena
  • Category – Literature
  • Establishment Year – 2005

Basis of Selection in Best Hindi Blogs List

In this list of Top Hindi Blogs, we have given place to those blogs whose content is strong and all these blogs are providing Quality Content to Hindi readers. Apart from these, there are many other Hindi blogs that provide high-quality content to Hindi readers, but most of those blogs are still new, due to which their name has not been included in this list. We keep updating this list regularly and new bloggers who write high-quality articles in Hindi are also included in this list and will continue to do so.

The basis of our selection of this list is Quality Content, not things like Alexa Rank, Domain Authority.

Last Word – Top Hindi Blog Website and Blogger List in Hindi

We work hard and regularly update the list of Who is the Best Hindi Blogs 2021 in India so that Hindi readers can read blogs related to the category of their choice. Hope you liked this article, support us by sharing this article Best Hindi Blogger In India List 2021 on social media. If you also have a blog, then do let us know in the comments.

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